I've been using mine since it first came out and am still totally happy with it. I'm a moderate user and have no trouble getting through the day on a charge. Calls and web browsing are good, as is music playback and voice control. I love the active display, it's very convenient.
The clincher for me was when I dropped… » 3/23/14 7:58pm 3/23/14 7:58pm

I wonder sometimes if the driving thing has more to do with perceptual bias. I mean, if you share the road with 1,000 people each day, and 995 of them are fine, but you encounter 5 nuts who cut you off, swerve randomly, or do any of the multitude of other dumb things such folks are prone to do in automobiles, aren't… » 2/17/14 10:11am 2/17/14 10:11am